Frequently asked questions

How does the Napnap Mat help my baby to sleep?

NapNap Mat is a portable vibrating mat that mimics a mother’s womb. Its rhythmic vibrations and soothing white noise lulls the baby into a deep and restful sleep. Also, it helps relieve backaches/ leg pains among pregnant/ new mothers.

Baby crawling on a NapNap mat

How do white noise and vibrations help to soothe my baby?

White noise is a noise containing all audio frequencies with equal intensity. So just as white light has all the colours of the spectrum, white noise is the exact same concept. This sound is familiar to babies and can help to keep them calm and send them off to sleep. It is a commonly used method of calming a baby with colic to sleep.

Vibrations are not new or alien to your baby. In the womb, your baby would have experienced many vibrations and noises from rushing of blood to the placenta, mum’s heartbeat, regular movements of the mother etc. Vibrations remind the baby of all the gentle vibrations it experienced in the womb. The gentle rhythm of vibrations helps your baby to relax faster and fall asleep sooner.

baby sleeping on aquamarine napnap mat

How do I select the modes on a NapNap mat?

Before you turn on the mat, ensure that the batteries are sufficiently charged. To do this, switch the Power button on at the side of the mat (refer to the instruction manual for the position of the button). If you see the blue light on, the battery is sufficiently charged. If the blue light is blinking, the battery is low and you need to charge the battery before you use it.

Once you switch on your NapNap Mat, you can simply press the mode button marked as ‘M’ and the first newborn mode comes on. Simply keep pressing the mode button to cycle through 6 different modes to find the best mode for your baby.

The six modes of the NapNap Mat are –

Mode 1 – Low vibration for newborns (0-2months)
Mode 2 – Medium vibrations for 2-6months babies
Mode 3 – High vibration for 6months + babies
Mode 4 – Mom’s mode – To soothe backaches and leg pains
Mode 5 – Heartbeat 1 – Resting heartbeat
Mode 6 – Heartbeat 2 – Active heartbeat

NapNap Mat comes with variations in vibration intensity to help parents customize the vibrations and white noise to match their baby’s needs. Some babies only need a little extra soothing and others need more soothing. The heartbeat modes mimic the rhythmic pulsations of maternal blood flow—a baby’s favorite soothing womb-like motion and sound.

NapNap Mat emits vibrations also known as stochastic resonance. This resonance is not only safe for your child but it helps treat preterm infants experiencing apnea of prematurity, disrupted breathing, bradycardia (slowed heart rate) and oxygen desaturation (diminished oxygen levels).

The NapNap Mat is also CE certified, ISO 9001-2015 certified and uses textiles that meet Oeko-Tex standards.

The product has been used by hundreds of families across the world and is also in use in the NeoNatal departments of selected hospitals too.

The way that the mat has been designed is in line with the Sleep Guidelines from the Lullaby Trust -

"Use a firm, flat and waterproof mattress in good condition"

Baby on aquamarine mat

Is the NapNap mat washable?

The outside cover is 100% Egyptian cotton and is machine washable, so you may choose to wash it with the rest of the laundry.

The interior cover can be wiped clean with wet wipes or a moist cloth.

Do not submerge any part of the mat in liquids — the mats were designed to be waterproof only for added safety to protect the electronic components from any baby mess and not for use underwater.

Baby doing tummy time on a NapNap mat

Where can I use the NapNap mat?

NapNap Mat can be folded or rolled to fit in to a bag for easy transportation. You can take it with you wherever you and your baby go. It's a real must for air travel too!

It can be tucked in to your baby-wearing sling, used a mat for tummy time to soothe colic, in the crib, in the garden or the park or even in your arms as you comfort your little one.

We do not advise you to use this product under your baby in a car seat.

Be sure to follow all safety instructions for the NapNap Mat and any other infant support device you may be using.

How can I charge the NapNap mat?

The NapNap mat comes with a USB charging cable in the box, but you can use any USB charging cable to charge it. For safety reasons, the mat will not turn on whilst it is being charged.

Why can't I charge it while it's on?

The mat will not turn on whilst is being charged. This is a built in safety feature.

Red NapNap mat

What do the lights indicate?

Once you switch the power mode on, you will see some lights near the charging slot.

Solid blue light - The mat is switched on and the battery is sufficiently charged.

Flashing blue light - The battery is low and needs charging.

How many hours a day can I use the mat with my child?

There’s no specific limit to the number of times you can use the NapNap Mat. It will automatically switch itself off after 20 minutes so that you don't need to disturb your baby whilst they are sleeping.

We recommend reading all of the instructions and safety advice before using it for the first time. Most parents find that it is a process of trial and error to see which modes suit their baby best and how best to use the mat in their routine.

What colours does the NapNap mat come in?

The NapNap mat is available in White, Yellow, Aquamarine and Berry Red. You can now also buy replacement covers in all of these colours and patterns too.

Yellow NapNap mat folded