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About NapNap - From NICU to Naptime

My name is Sarah Cooper and I am the Director of NapNap UK.

Sarah Cooper Director of NapNap UK

My daughter was 9 weeks premature and was delivered by emergency C-Section as I had severe pre-eclampsia.  We both spent a lot of time in hospital in NICU and Special Care as she was only a very tiny 3lbs at birth.

My traumatic birth experience caused me to totally re-evaluate my career (as is the case for many mumpreneurs!) and I realised that I really wanted to work in the baby industry.

I heard about NapNap mats through a friend and when I learned that they were also used in Neonatal departments, I was hooked and I started to look in to bringing them to the UK market.

The fact that they can recreate the feeling of being back in the womb and also help with sleep apnea in premature babies really appealed to me.

Nailing your baby's sleep routine is a real challenge for many parents and it all starts with naps.  I'm a big believer in the phrase that 'sleep breeds sleep' and that was always the case with my baby!   

The science behind the little mats is something called Stochastic Resonance. 

Stochastic resonance (SR) stimulation is a novel, noninvasive, nonpharmacologic method of delivering subarousal vibration to infants via specialized mattresses.  Basically, it's a certain safe level of vibration and frequency of white noise that really helps to calm babies.

Stochastic resonance has been proven to help with the breathing patterns of pre-term babies and can also provide comfort for colic and during tummy time as little ones grow.

Yellow NapNap baby sleep mat


Working on bringing NapNap to the UK has been such a personal project for me and I'm thrilled with the feedback so far.  We couldn't quite believe how quickly or first few batches sold out - we've got much better at ordering the right number now!

I love seeing photos of lots of adorable sleeping newborns and knowing that they're sleeping soundly on our mats.

Watch this video to learn a little more about NapNap...

NapNap mat was invented in 2018 by two qualified engineers (ex NEU, MIT, NUS, Korea Uni), passionate product designers and serial entrepreneurs. The need to invent came from the experience of seeing friends struggle with their pre-term baby’s distress, where neither the baby nor the parents were able to sleep.

They prepared the first prototype within a month and realised their idea worked. After feedback from hundreds more parents and several iterations later, the NapNap mat was launched.

NapNap's vision is to solve real-world parenting problems by creating functional, simple and elegantly designed products. The products are founded in proven science, meticulously engineered and are complemented by contemporary and tasteful aesthetic.


Baby lying on a NapNap sleep mat


What is a NapNap baby sleep mat?

NapNap strives to make new parents' lives easier by helping them tackle the big hurdles of parenthood, so that they can spend more time enjoying their baby.

NapNap truly is a sleep aid like no other thanks to its entirely unique vibration technology. The gentle vibrations run through the mat mimicking the safety of the womb, providing comfort when little ones need it most.

The cleverly developed design offers 6 modes of vibration to ease troubled sleep routines, it also helps to settle little ones with colic and during tummy time.

If this wasn’t enough, the highest vibration mode offers ideal support during pregnancy for restless and tired legs!

baby on a napnap mat

NapNap mat is compact and lightweight, perfect for safe nap at home or on the go. It can be placed in a crib, pushchair or simply anywhere little dreamers need to catch 40 winks. What’s more, it is so soft and flexible, little ones can even be wrapped within it for a cosy cuddle, ideal for snuggling into a carrier too!

The impressive two-hour charge lasts up to 15 days, meaning its vibration and white noise capabilities can be accessed at a press of a button when little ones are put down for a nap, offering familiarity and security, even away from home.

NapNap mat has also been thoughtfully designed to automatically shut off after 20 minutes. With NapNap, parents can rest assured it’s super hygienic too, the 300 thread count, 100% Egyptian organic cotton cover can be easily removed, and machine washed, whilst the water-resistant interiors make cleaning quick and efficient.  It also has an oeko-tex certification.

NapNap mat vibrations for sleep

What is Stochastic Resonance?

Watch this video to find out more about the research in to Stochastic resonance and vibrating sleep mats -


We hope you love these little mats as much as we do!


Mum and baby with NapNap sleep mat