Why do babies love the vibrations of a NapNap mat?

The NapNap Mat emits vibrations also known as stochastic resonance. This resonance is not only safe for your child but it helps treat preterm infants experiencing apnea of prematurity, disrupted breathing, bradycardia (slowed heart rate) and oxygen desaturation (diminished oxygen levels).

Why do vibrations soothe babies?

Vibrations are not new or alien to your baby. In the womb, your baby would have experienced vibrations and noises from the rushing of blood to the placenta, their mum's heartbeat, regular movements of the mother etc.

Babies are not used to silence and stillness.  Everything you do during pregnancy sends gentle vibrations to your unborn baby.

You may notice that fussy babies will calm down very quickly if you rhythmically tap on their backs or sing a song / lullaby with rhythm. Infants find rocking, rhythmic motion soothing and comforting. I'm sure we've all rocked, patted and shushed a baby to sleep before!

Vibrations are repetitive motions set to a rhythm. For example, you might have observed that babies fall asleep quickly when you take them for a drive in your car. Many parents use this technique to put fussy babies to sleep. Vibrations remind your baby of all the gentle vibrations it experienced in the womb. The gentle rhythm of vibrations, your baby will relax faster and fall asleep sooner, giving you enough time to relax yourself.

Benefits of vibrations for your baby

As a parent, your primary concern is that your baby is comfortable and happy.

There are many times that your baby is going to be fussy or cranky for reasons like discomfort, colic, stress etc. As a parent, you can easily tell if your baby is cranky due to hunger or tiredness. However, it becomes very difficult when you are unable to identify the reason why your baby is crying. Sometimes babies cry due to colic or to release stress or if they just feel like crying. 

There are many ways to soothe a crying baby such as swaddling, rocking, massaging, singing lullabies, white noise etc. However, there is one technique which most parents are either not aware of or have not tried and that is vibrations.

Though it may sound alarming to many parents, vibrations are one of the most effective and harmless ways to soothe your baby.

Totally natural and totally safe.