Tips for keeping your Baby comfortable

Parenting can be an incredibly stressful time, especially if you’re looking after a newborn. However, this stress can sometimes affect your child and lead to long-lasting mental health effects. Researchers from the Hospital for Sick Children found that preschool-aged children with parents who reported parenting stress during infancy had double the odds of developing mental health problems by three years old.

Parents who are under stress are less likely to be engaged, more irritable, and more distant towards young children, which can cause emotional and behavioral problems. One way to keep things stress-free at home is to keep your child comfortable and calm — which, admittedly, is easier said than done. Here are some tips that will (hopefully) help you and your child stay relaxed:

Use a Dummy for Eating

Overfeeding your baby can make them uncomfortably full, so it’s best to wait for about two hours between feedings. If you’re using formula, it’s better to wait a little longer than that, as babies digest formula a little slower than breast milk.

If they’re having crying fits and it’s not yet time to eat, offer your baby a dummy instead. Some babies calm down if they are able to suck on a dummy. A go-to for parents and hospital nurseries is the Soothie pacifier from Philips AVENT, a one-piece dummy made of soft silicone which is great for babies' gums. In fact, seasoned parents can easily recognize this green dummy from far away, likely because it was their first.

Invest in a Good Pushchair for Traveling

If your baby is more than three months old, their immune system is probably ready for some fresh air and sunshine, which can also strengthen their bones. Rocking motions can prevent them from fussing while you walk around outdoors, as these calming motions remind babies of the movements that they felt in the womb.

The tandem double prams from iCandy demonstrate how new pushchair models are much easier to manoeuvre through doorways and on public transport, so your child won’t get disturbed easily. They even come in chic colorways, so your baby travels in style. For a smooth outing, be sure to pack supplies like nappies, baby wipes, nappy sacks, extra clothes, feeding supplies, and anything else your baby needs in case of a sudden weather change.

Buy Sensory-Stimulating Toys for Play

Play is how newborns learn about the world around them and how they can interact with it. New play experiences help their brains connect and grow while building their muscle strength and motor skills. Parents can also use play to learn more about their child’s personality, so it’s a great time for learning all around.

You can choose to babble with your baby, read them books, or show them new objects. Toys are also good tools to use. Choose soft toys with unique textures to stimulate your baby’s senses.  Make sure you avoid toys with tiny pieces, as these could become choking hazards. You can look for baby-safe toys like fidget poppers by Theo and Ora Coster which are sensory-stimulating and becoming increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. Like popping bubble wrap, these tiny bumps make a small sound when pressed, and even come in different shapes, sizes, and scents.

Use a NapNap Mat for Soothing

One of the trickiest things that new parents must master is getting their newborn to sleep. While swaddling helps keep them secure, you can also put your baby on one of our NapNap mats if they’re showing signs of tiredness or crankiness.

The NapNap mat was created for soothing babies to sleep, so it has a number of modes that match a baby’s needs. It can emit low vibrations, white noise, and heartbeats that mimic the calming, womb-like motions and sounds that babies love.