NapNap mats are a Newborn essential!

Thank you to the lovely 'Groomed and Glossy' magazine who recently described our NapNap mats as a 'Newborn Essential'.  We couldn't agree more!

Here's a link to the original article -

Groomed and Glossy magazine is a the expert beauty, spa and lifestyle guide and combines beautiful photography, articles and recommendations.

We think the parents who read Groomed and Glossy will love what the NapNap mat could do for their newborn baby.  We've been earning rave reviews for how the vibrations and white noise are soothing babies in the UK and helping parents out at nap time.

Recreating the feel of the womb is key to getting your baby to relax and nod off.  Did you know it's called the 4th trimester?

There are lots more sleep tips on our A-Z of baby sleep here too - 

Baby and mum napnap mat