From NICU to Naptime

The Medically Approved Sleep Innovation with a Personal Touch

Having revolutionised little ones’ sleeping routines globally, the NapNap sleep mat is now making its mark in the UK.

When mum of one, Sarah Cooper, learnt of the revolutionary NapNap sleep mat, she became determined to bring it to the UK.  Recommended by paediatricians and used in neonatal departments around the world, it has fast become known for its unique technology that soothes little ones and aids sleep.

 Sarah Cooper Director of NapNap

Having herself experienced newborn challenges when her daughter was born 9 weeks prematurely, Sarah was especially interested to learn that NapNap is suitable (and in fact advised) for premature babies.  From NICU and beyond, this clever sleep gadget is suitable for even the tiniest of tots.

 NapNap mat

Drawing on proven science and meticulous engineering, NapNap uses gentle vibration and white noise to help settle babies from day dot. The specific 6 mode vibration technology used, known as Stochastic Resonance, has been proven to help with breathing patterns of pre-term babies. Furthermore, the adaptable vibrations can even support with colic and during tummy time as little ones grow.

 Baby with a NapNap sleep mat

Weighing just 3lbs, Sarah’s little girl needed specialist care from the moment she arrived, an experience which led Sarah to reassess her whole career; feeling inspired to help other parents in the same situation. Upon discovering NapNap and learning about its use within hospitals, helping with sleep apnea in premature babies, Sarah knew she had to launch the innovation in the UK.

 Baby lying on NapNap mat

Commenting on the game changing product, Managing Director of NapNap UK, Sarah Cooper, commented: 

‘Working on NapNap has been such a personal project for me as I know all too well about the difficulties of having a newborn in NICU. It was this experience that made me realise how helpful NapNap could be to so many families, so I was determined to launch it here in the UK, with my ultimate goal to have it available in NICU wards too. The science behind the product really interested me and seeing the research (and the results!) made me so excited for NapNap’s unique abilities. I can’t wait for more families to try it for themselves and see the benefits first-hand!’

Compact and lightweight, NapNap can be taken from the hospital to the home with ease. The impressive two-hour charge lasts up to 15 days, making it easy for parents to pop it in their bag and create a familiar sleep space for baby, wherever they are.