Five easy activities to do with babies at home during Lockdown

NapNap's top tips for keeping your baby entertained at home!

A new parent’s life is filled with breastfeeding schedules, ever-changing milestones nappy changing marathons and sleepless nights!

NapNap understands the changes that a brand new baby goes through and we've come up with some activities to help with development and stimulation!

These activities will help your baby’s growth and development while encouraging her to be responsive and are great for babies from 3 months through 2 years. Giggles and wiggles are the rewards that you will get along the way!


This would be the ideal time to put to use grandma’s old sweater, your silk scarf, dad’s leather jacket and all assorted things that have textures on them. Babies learn about the world around them through touch, feel and sight. Scatter rough, smooth, hard, soft, even sticky surfaces in the basket every few weeks to introduce new textures to your baby.

Tactile stimulation and hand-eye coordination


Tummy time can be made fun by placing a baby book in front of your baby. This will encourage them to raise their head and even reach for the book. Be sure to choose a book that has sharp contrasting pictures on it so it catches their attention. Black and white images are perfect.

Motor Skills, visual development and tracking


Noisy discover bottles are always a great hit! You can make one with virtually anything around the house. All you need are clean, dry clear plastic bottles and some items to fill them with. You could use coloured pasta, beans, glitter beads, seashells, rice, buttons... the list is endless! Basically anything that makes a noise and is now your baby’s new favourite toy. You can even add water, glitter and baby oil to and make a mesmerizing discovery bottle. Just ensure the caps are screwed tight each time!

Visual stimulation, cause and effect, listening skills


Simply bring together any kind of textures and shapes on a flat board and use some glue to stick them down. Cupcake wrappers, bubble wrap, washing scrubbers, straw cleaners, ribbons, cotton balls, wood, lego flat boards and jute fabric are just some of the things that work really well. Ensure a fair variety of objects are stuck to the board. This is sure to keep your explorer busy for some time!

Sensory play, visual and motor skills, tactile stimulation


Fill up your baby’s bathtub with a bubble bath, and drop in a few plastic cups, kitchen spoons, toys, bath books and things that baby can discover during their free play in the water. Allow them to explore and find things on their own and see the delight on their face! Remember never leave a baby unattended near water though.

Social-emotional communication, motor skills, cause and effect

Try these out and tell us below which one is your favourite!


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