• Introducing the NapNap Mat

  • Vibrations + White noise to help your baby sleep
  • Made for little Nappers...

Introducing the NapNap Mat

Vibrations + White noise to help your baby sleep Buy now

Made for little Nappers...


What is a NapNap mat?

NapNap mats are portable vibrating sleep mats for babies that also emit white noise to help recreate a womb-like environment for your newborn.

The NapNap mats help to soothe and calm fussy babies and also help with colic and trapped wind.

NapNap mats are used in Neonatal departments around the world to help premature babies. The mats are available in 4 beautiful colours and patterns and have 100% Egyptian cotton, machine washable covers.

Totally portable and totally brilliant!

what do parents think of napnap?

"My first baby never slept off my body for nearly a year and would only settle out of my arms in her baby bouncer on vibrate mode. I WISH this had been invented back then. I am positive I would have got way more sleep!"

Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior Magazine

This napnapmat is the best gift I have ever received! My daughter loves it. Puts her to sleep in minutes. Thank you so much. Highly recommended!!


The NapNap Mat is a saviour! Play time or sleep time, my baby is always on it. Has made our life so much easier!


"Just brilliant. I love that you can take it anywhere so babies can experience the continuity of the vibrations and sound even when families are travelling or visiting friends and family."

Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

It did take him 3-4 days to get used to the mat.  After a couple of weeks of using it, he’s very comfortable. So when I swaddle him and put him on the mat, he’s out within minutes.

Sarah B

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How does a NapNap mat work?

The Science behind the mats

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Yellow NapNap mat with baby's feet.  NapNap portable vibrating sleep mat.

How to use a NapNap mat

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The NapNap mat range

NapNap lullaby sleep mat is available in white with panda print

Nap Nap mat - White

This is the original Classic White NapNap mat. Featuring our little NapNap panda, this cover will blend beautifully in to any nursery.  Egyptian cotton cover (300 thread count) and machine washable.

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NapNap mat is available in berry red with fruity print cover

NapNap mat - Berry Red

The Berry Red NapNap mat is patterned with juicy fruit like strawberries, pineapples, cherries and apples! Organic cotton cover (300 thread count) and machine washable.

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NapNap sleep mat in aquamarine cover featuring sea animals nursery

NapNap mat - Aquamarine

The Aquamarine NapNap mat is for those who love the calm and beauty of the ocean!  Gorgeous blue organic cotton featuring lots of fun sea creatures. Machine washable and beautifully soft.

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NapNap sleep mats are available in yellow with animal print pattern

NapNap mat - Yellow

Our lovely Yellow NapNap mat Inspired by warm afternoons at the famous Yellow Stone National Park. It's beautiful and colourful. Organic cotton cover (300 thread count) and machine washable.

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NapNap - the Smartest Baby sleep mat

How does a NapNap mat work?

The NapNap mat emits soothing rhythmic motions and comforting white noise to simulate the environment in the womb. This also helps to ease the baby’s breathing, relaxing them further and helping them drift off into deep sleep

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The A-Z of Baby sleep sleep tips by napnap

The A-Z of Baby Sleep by NapNap!

We've put together a handy sleep alphabet full of tips and information all around baby sleep. It will give you plenty of information on how to get your baby in to a good sleep routine.

The A-Z of baby sleep

Did you know...

During the first few weeks, newborn babies are asleep more than they are awake. A baby's sleep needs are, on average, between 16 and 22 hours per 24-hour period. It varies a lot among babies, but it can also vary from day to day for the same baby.

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